Chelsea's family: Ted, Cathy, and Sarah
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  Age: 9
Weight: 25 lbs.
Residence: Brooklyn, New York
IQ: 115
Favorite place to walk: along the water in Bay Ridge
Favorite toy:
little blue ball
Favorite people food: broiled  salmon (really), Cheerios with milk, hard-boiled eggs
Favorite thing to chew: She will bite the nose off of any stuffed animal.
Best trick: You're joking. We do tricks for her.
Temperament/personality: ordinarily very, very sweet -- except when we leave the house without her
On a scale of 1 to 10, how obedient is she?: 5.  She knows "sit" and "stay" and a few other things.
Cutest thing Chelsea does:
  She steals food from the table while we're eating (see bottom picture) and then tries to act innocent.
Least appreciated thing she does: going  through the garbage for food
The most endearing things about Chelsea are: She licks our noses; her large brown eyes; the way she rolls over on her back and expects a scratch on her tummy; that she loves us
On a scale of 1 to 10, how human is Chelsea?: 11; she experiences guilt and can be jealous.
Chelsea's favorite dog: my neighbor's dog, Toto

If Chelsea could talk, she'd say:
"Pick me up!" "Feed me!"
Memorable moment: Chelsea was Cathy's dog before she and I met, and the first time I visited Cathy at her apartment, I was walking up the stairs to her apartment and Chelsea came bounding down from the top of the landing.  She jumped up to greet me and then peed on my sneaker.
Cute story: She ordinarily barks like a demon when she hears anyone outside or downstairs, except the time we didn't have our keys and had to enter the apartment via the fire escape.  Not a peep. She just sat there shaking in terror, then peed on the floor.
Comment: She's very sweet and kind to our new baby and protective as well.

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