Coconut's family: Patti, Richie, Bamboo (macaw), and Zac (iguana)    
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  Age: 15
not sure, but we've noticed lately that "he" might be doing some nest-building under our sofa cushions.
Weight: 1 lb.  He's a bit pudgy and should be 12-14 oz.
Length: 19 in.
Eye color: black with yellow iris
Scientific name: ara severa
Residence: Davie, Florida
IQ: 120
Favorite toy: wooden clothes pin; anything he can tear apart, like wine corks.
Favorite people food: pasta (al dente, of course); pistachio nuts.
Favorite thing to chew:  his toys, my finger (Patti)
Best trick: He shows his wings off on request and sometimes we don't even have to ask.  He says "good night" when I put him to bed or he will say it to let me know he's  tired and wants to go to sleep.
Cutest thing Coconut does:  He tells himself "Stop That" when he's making a lot of noise or arguing with Bamboo (our other macaw).
The least appreciated thing he does: He's messy -- he flings stuff across the room and there are feathers all over the place. There are days when he's neat, but occasionally I come home from work and I'm horrified and I say "did you guys have a big party here today?"
On a scale of 1 to 10, how human is Coconut: 12
Favorite person other than family: Getting a bird to like more than ONE person  can be difficult.
The most endearing thing Coconut does: When he wants to wake up Richie (who is three rooms away), he'll call out "papa's bird."
Vocabulary: He calls Richie papa and Rick (he can't seem to say Rich).  He calls me pat-pat-pat.  When he wants something he says "like an apple" and "more" when he wants more.  He likes to say "no bite" and "get up here." 
If Coconut could talk fluently, he'd say:
 "Richie, will you marry me?" and "Can we make babies together?"  "Mommy, you're such a good maid and a great cook." "Bamboo, can't we be friends?"
Memorable moment: the first time Coconut said "Stop That" in response to Bamboo's incessant yelling
Cute story: Coconut is in love with Richie. When Richie brings him over to sit with him  on the couch, and if I sit opposite them on another sofa, Coconut will deliberately make his way over to me and give me a nip to let me know that "three's a crowd."
Comment: He's proven beyond  doubt that birds just don't mimic language but truly understand and communicate with us.

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