Cuddles' family: Lucille and Roman
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  Age: 5
Sex: male
Weight: 12 lbs.
Residence: Lords Valley, Pennsylvania
Origins: adopted at age three months from a shelter in New Jersey
Significance of name: He was named Cuddles at the shelter because he was so affectionate.  His nickname is The Prince.
IQ: 115.  He's smart enough to run away from a bear.   
Temperament/personality: very sweet; he loves attention
Quirky behavior: He will ONLY drink running water-- and only from a bathroom faucet (never from the kitchen tap).  If we put water in a dish on the floor he looks at us as though we're crazy.  He gives us the "I'm thirsty" look, meows, then turns and heads toward the nearest bathroom (we have four but he's not partial to any particular one).  He  waits for us to open the door, then jumps onto the sink counter.  This behavior was the same when we occasionally commuted to Brooklyn -- there was just one bathroom and he still didn't use the kitchen sink or drink from a dish.  I think he'd rather die of thirst than drink from a bowl.  I don't know what he does when we're away.
Favorite people food:
He has no interest in human food whatsoever.
Favorite game: I put him in a basket and swing it back and forth by the handle.  The wider the arc, the better he seems to like it.
Yet more quirky behavior: He's a great traveler and doesn't mind being in a carrier -- and for long periods of time.  It was once necessary to keep him in the carrier in the car for eight hours and he was perfectly fine.
Interactions with other animals:  He'll hide under the bed if a large dog comes into the house.  But when he encountered a deer in the yard (sometimes he manages to get out even though we try to prevent it), he stood his ground.  And it was quite large in comparison to Cuddles.  They were nose to nose and you could see Cuddles was thinking "I live here -- scram."  Eventually the deer took off. 
He sleeps in our bed and doesn't bother me until he sees that my eyes are open.  He doesn't chew anything he's not supposed to.  He's a great mouser and was so even at three months old.  He's intuitively graceful -- he walks along shelves crowded with stuff and never knocks anything down. 
Comment: Our last cat, Bigfoot, was a "trumbanik."  Cuddles is a little treasure. 

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