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"Is the wine satisfactory, Mademoiselle?"

Obviously not.








  Age: 6
Weight: 60 lbs.
Sex: female
Residence: Saline, Michigan
Significance of name: She was already named when we got her from the breeder at 1 year of age.  Her full name is Clussex Eva Peron of Avalea.
Favorite place to walk: Millpond Park in Saline
IQ: 115; she has terrific comprehension.  She watches television and is very interested in dogs and other animals.  She once had a run-in with a border collie, and when she sees one on TV, she gets very agitated.  She also growls and barks when something bad is happening -- when a violent act is taking place or if a villain is on the screen. 
Favorite toy: She doesn't play as such, but one day she became very attached to a paint roller, of all things. She grabbed it and then whimpered pathetically when we took it away.  She was inconsolable for about a day.  We think that, because it's soft outside and hard inside, it might have reminded her of a bird.
Favorite people food:
rice with cottage cheese
Favorite thing to chew: sterilized cow bones
laid back, calm, and stable.  She's somewhat somnolent -- people think she's frowning, but we think she's thoughtful.  She likes children but can be standoffish with adults.  For reasons we know not, she always barks at one particular pair of friends.
On a scale of 1 to 10, how obedient is she?: 4.  She doesn't know a lot of commands, but if I say "go find Dick," she'll do it.
Best trick: not a trick so much as an involuntary reaction to the smell of liquor or lemon juice.  She wrinkles up her nose and makes a face (see bottom photos).  She could be a poster dog for Alcoholics Anonymous.
Cutest thing Evita does: when she sits up very alertly with her front paws crossed.
One of the most endearing things about Evita is:
when she runs about madly.  She normally doesn't do that, and it's kind of touching to see.
On a scale of 1 to 10, how human is she?
6. She's like a very sleepy person; she looks at you with great perplexity if you bother her when she's sleepy. 
Evita's favorite dog: When we lived in Bloomington, Indiana, she liked a tiny Yorkshire terrier -- she seems taken with very small dogs.  She is suspicious of dogs that aren't fluffy or furry.
Memorable moment:
One day, soon after we got her, I'd showered (my smell must have been washed off), and she barked and growled at me. (I had on a robe and my hair was pulled back in a towel.)  But within a minute, she picked up my shirt in her teeth and brought it to me, as though she were trying to apologize.  Or, I suppose, it's possible she was thinking "Here, put this on. That robe is awful."
Comment: She inspires me occasionally to compose doggerel (no pun intended) --  I find myself reciting little poems about her.  They have nonsense words, sort of like baby talk.  I think she likes them, though, and I guess they express my affection.  Some examples are:  "Evita Maureen,  the Queen of Saline," and "She's furry and soft and lives in a loft," and "Evita is sweet and has very small feet" (which she doesn't, by the way).
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