Tidbit's family: Carolyn and Adagio (Arabia gelding)    
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  Birthday: July 2, 1997
Age: 5
Sex: female
Weight: 6.9 lbs.
Residence: Tucson, Arizona
IQ: 120
Favorite place to walk:  anywhere she can pull me along; and when she gets tired of dragging me, she rides.
Favorite toy: Yorkie stuffed animal, but she isn't really interested in toys.  She gets bored easily and likes to be around people.
Favorite people food: When  she hears the word "chicken" she goes bananas.  She has it every day, yet never tires of it.
Favorite thing to chew: Me!
Best trick: manipulating me --by being extremely cute or very annoying -- to get whatever she wants.
Temperament/personality: energetic, feisty; at times, hyper
On a scale of 1 to 10, how obedient is she?: 9.  She's very obedient provided she knows what I'm asking of her and she's calm enough to be able to carry out my orders.
Cutest thing Tidbit does: She makes sweet little baby noises in the morning when she wakes up.
Least appreciated thing she does: demanding that she be picked up when I'm busy.
The most endearing things about Tidbit are: her cute little face; her affectionateness; when she sits up with her back against the couch, almost like a person would, expecting me to rub her tummy.
On a scale of 1 to 10, how human is she?: 11.  She "drives" the car (she sits on my lap and looks out over the steering wheel; she climbs up on my shoulder as if she were a human baby; she sleeps on my side of the bed.  She likes to be high up --  to be more equal with people or to make better contact.  She will stand on the arm of the sofa and I'm sure she'd climb a ladder if I'd let her.
Tidbit's favorite dog: She doesn't like dogs.
Her favorite person (other than family): my neighbor, Helen
If Tidbit could talk, she'd say: "Don't even think of leaving the house without me." "Hurry up!  Get my food ready!"
Cute story: Tidbit and I were visiting a friend in North Carolina who also had a dog that Tidbit seemed to get along with.  My friend and I decided to go out and the thought went through my mind that I would leave Tidbit in the house.  I didn't say anything to her, but she must have read my mind because she jumped onto the top of my large purse, trying to get into it.  Needless to say, we took her with us.
Comment: Basically she thinks she owns me. She's  very loving toward me, but doesn't like children.  She's a happy, happy dog.
Email: carolyn@carolsweb.net

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