Adagio's family: Carolyn and Tidbit (Yorkshire terrier)
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  Birthday: July 16, 1978
Age: 24
Height: 15 hands
Residence: Tucson, Arizona
IQ: 125
Favorite place to ride:
  Pantano Wash 
Favorite people food: carrots, apples, bananas, watermelon; he loves chocolate cake, cookies, and sugar, which I give him only occasionally, and carrot cake, of course.
Temperament/personality: mellow but he can spook on the trail; he's always on the alert for danger, maybe too much so.
On a scale of 1 to 10, how obedient is Adagio?: 8.  He'll do what I want him to except if he's afraid.  He's basically very well-behaved. 
Cutest thing Adagio does: If I'm not looking at him and he wants my attention, he'll nuzzle my neck.
 He has a warm face.  He'll let other people ride him only if they know how (or else he'll throw them off).  People who know about horses tell me that by comparison he's smarter, kinder, and better trained.  He doesn't look or act his age -- he seems to have no idea how old he is.  When I turn him out, sometimes he runs around like a "wild man."
Least appreciated thing he does: when he's skittish on the trail 
Adagio's favorite person (other than family): anyone who gives him carrots
If Adagio could talk, he'd say: "Where's the grass?"  I think he puts up with the riding in order to get his grass, which he knows he gets after the ride.  Basically he's lazy and would rather do nothing.
Memorable moment: When I moved to Tucson from New York, I had Adagio transported from his stable on Long Island by a commercial horse carrier.  The day of the move was really cold and there was ice on the ground.  I think Adagio knew what the van meant because he was shipped once before.  He was already unnerved by the weather and ice and the vehicle was imposing --  a semi -- large enough to carry 12 horses.  Well, he absolutely refused to be led into the truck.  This went on for some time until I suggested to the driver that I go into the semi to see if Adagio would follow me in.  He was inside in a flash.  It really touched me that he would be so trusting and loyal.  Given his age, I had some apprehension about how the move would affect him.  But it all turned out great, and he seems to be very happy in Arizona.
He's a source of inspiration and strength in my  ongoing battle against a chronic illness.  We have a bond;  he keeps me going.

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